About Boutikki Bags . . . . saving the world one bag at a time.

    Boutikki is a home-based self promoting company located in
    Puyallup, Washington (the Pacific NW).

    Our primary focus is to promote "Going Green" by making reusable
    shopping bags. These bags are handmade with natural fabrics and
    are designed to last through a great many washings.
    Our bags have a multitude of uses that are both functional as well
    as fashionable.

    Boutikki bags are machine washable and include a removable
    cardboard bottom. They feature a pocket for keys, coupons, cell
    phone etc. They are so versatile, the possibilities are endless!

    Boutikki is a company founded to do a part in the global effort to
    save our planet. We offer an effective and economical way to join
    us in curbing the use of destructive "paper or plastic" shopping
    Using environmentally safe, reusable "green bags" is an excellent
    way to contribute to saving our planet on a daily basis.
    Many of the reusable grocery bags and shopping bags in use are
    made of Polypropylene.(made from oil). Our quality cotton bags are
    safer for the environment!

    Boutikki bags are of the highest quality and actually have multiple
            To name just a few...

     Groceries Toys Lunch Books Purse Overnight Bag
     School Gifts Crafts Washable Gym Bag Sickroom needs

    My busy daughter was able to condense 12 plastic bags of groceries into 4 of
    my Boutikki bags. The groceries sit contained in a car and they wont tip over
    and spill out like plastic bags. They can even be stacked on each other.
    Fewer bags to carry in the house with handles that don't break is a plus!
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