Reusable, eco friendly, washable shopping bags.

One of a kind, handcrafted, earth friendly multi-purpose bags.
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     The disposal and littering of plastic bags also threatens the
     environment and the future of all living things.
     Plastic bags are often disposed of via water & littered on land.
     Thousands of marine lives are put into danger due to this.
     Same is the fate of several cows, goats and other land animals
     that often eat pieces of plastic while grazing for food.
     It takes thousands of years for this plastic bags to completely
                    degrade on land. We offer an alternative.

     Our primary focus at Boutikki, is to promote "Going Green".
     We are pleased to offer reusable, multiple use shopping bags. They
     are hand crafted in the United States, functional and fashionable.

     Every bag is machine washable and features:

          A removable sturdy bottom. (helps keep items from toppleing over)
          Pocket for keys, coupons, cell phone, etc. and very sturdy straps.

         Some of the versatile uses include:
          Groceries Toy carry-all Lunch Books Purse Overnight Use
          School workout/gym bag (washable) Gifts Crafts
          Cold/flu needs, easy to take from sickroom to the sofa,
            while keeping germs contained, and it is washable!
                              beach or
                          attractive sports bag

                    groceries           messenger or
                                            crafters bag with flap                     handbag      

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